About Melly

The one factor that is most apparent about Melly Niko is her boundless joy in life and sheer determination to live life and on her own terms. Early in her professional career she achieved notable prominence in the Beauty Industry as a top make-up artist. Her signature makeup range was in full distribution when she suffered a debilitating stroke. An induced coma followed that left Melly unable to work for many months.

This kind of serious setback would have stopped many people, but not Melly. Upon recovery, she melted down her makeup line turning 50,000AUD worth of lipsticks into paints. Melly then returned to her original ambition of being a prominent painter of fine art creations.

True to her nature as an achiever, Melly’s painting were accepted in prestigious galleries and quickly became in-demand among art lovers worldwide.

Melly writes about her experience and the powerful lessons it taught her in her book “Happy Can Be You…Create Your Own Happiness.” The book teaches readers how to invite happiness into their lives and create the life they have always dreamed of on their own terms.

Today Melly’s new line of Makeup and Brushes is in global distribution.